2004 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Short Courses—Computational Modelling for the Materials Professional

March 14–18 · 2004 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · Charlotte, North Carolina



Chris BaileyChris Bailey is Professor of Computational Mechanics at the University of Greenwich. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Modelling and an MBA in Technology Management. After completing his PhD in 1988 he joined Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, and worked closely with the Steel industry, applying computational modelling methods to the continuous casting process. On returning to the UK he joined the Centre for Numerical Analysis and Process Analysis at the University of Greenwich. Prof. Bailey has worked closely with a number of materials sectors and has applied computational modelling to processes such as casting, forging, refining, mixing, lead free soldering, polymer extrusions, plus many others. He is a member of TMS, IEEE, IEE and a Fellow of the IMA. Prof. Bailey has published over 100 refereed papers on computational modelling.
Mark CrossMark Cross is Professor of Computational Modelling and Director of the Centre for Numerical Modelling and Process Analysis at the University of Greenwich, London. His main research focus is in the computational modelling and analysis of materials/minerals/metals processing operations and his activities have covered the supporting numerical and software technologies as well as major applications in casting, reduction, smelting, forming and granular materials. In recent years he has focussed upon multi-physics and multi-scale modelling on high performance parallel computers, in a number of contexts, and has been involved in producing a number of industry standard tools, including the PHYSICA multi-physics modelling environment. He is the author of over 300 publications, has supervised over 40 PhD candidates and is the editor of the archival journal, Applied Mathematical Modelling, published by Elsevier.


Sunday, March 14, 2004• 8:30am-5:00pm

Presented by:
Prof. Chris Bailey, University of Greenwich, UK
Prof. Mark Cross, University of Greenwich, UK

Members $475, Non-members $560

Sponsored by:
TMS Materials Processing
and Manufacturing Division

Who Should Attend:
This course will appeal to engineers, materials specialists, managers and students who want to learn more about computational modelling software tools for materials processing and reliability.

Course Overview:
The aim of this course is to provide attendees with an overview of modelling techniques and associated software for simulating the processing and subsequent reliability of materials.

Processing of materials is governed by phenomena such as fluid flow, heat transfer, phase changes, chemical reactions, electromagnetics, stress and possibly their interactions. Software tools such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), etc, now exist and are used by many professionals in the materials industry. These tools allow engineers to pose “what if” questions at the design stage, where the results from analysis helps reduce the time from conceptual process/product design to implementation and manufacture.

This course will focus on the ability of these modelling tools and demonstrate this with real industrial examples. The mathematical content will be kept to a minimum. The course will detail:

  1. Commercial computational modelling tools (CFD, FEA, etc)
  2. Modelling across the length scales (Nano-Micro-Macro)
  3. Optimisation and its integration with CFD and FEA.
  4. Reliability and failure analysis
  5. Inverse Analysis – the interaction between modelling and experimental data.
  6. Real world applications that illustrate the above. For example Casting, Forging, Refining, Soldering, Product reliability, etc.

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