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1998 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

February 15-19 · 1998 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · San Antonio, Texas


Booth #722     Cleveland, Ohio

FOSECO, INC. manufactures products and provides services for casting aluminum throughout the world. The recent purchase of the SNIF® business from Praxair, Inc. enables FOSECO to bring a full line of products for in line processing of molten aluminum to our customers. SNIF degassing equipment and technology is recognized as the world's market leader.

FOSECO'S TILITE® grain refiner is widely used for foundry ingot. FOSECO'S FILTREX®, a sintered, phosphate-free composition, is a premium ceramic foam filter offering new advantages to our customers. Through a worldwide distributor agreement with Metaullics, Inc., FOSECO offers molten metal processing equipment such as pumps and the Metaullics Cartridge Filter, a high-efficiency bonded particulate filter for critical aluminum applications. Premium refractory materials for molten aluminum filtration and casting are supplied by FOSECO as well.

FOSECO can provide engineering and metallurgical services for molten aluminum processing as required by our customers. We are committed to helping improve the business performance of our customers.

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