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1998 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

February 15-19 · 1998 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · San Antonio, Texas


Booth #1329, 1331     Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

Schmitz & Apelt LOI is well known throughout the world as a major supplier to the aluminum industry with a wide product range.

Aluminum Melting and Casting: Delivery of complete plants for melting/recycling of various Al materials and scraps, including flue gas purification, metal treatment, charging and casting equipment.

Design and manufacture of:

Heat Treatment: Plants for structural aluminum parts (wheels, cylinder heads, axle guides, etc.) for the continuous and non-continuous operation, for the process steps below:

Artificial aging plants for extruded aluminum sections or profiles, pressing-tool pre-heating plants, with automatic tool transport used in press shops for extruded profiles.

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