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1998 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

February 15-19 · 1998 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · San Antonio, Texas


Booth #1031     Muncie, Illinois

Maxon Corporation has been a manufacturer of quality industrial combustion equipment and valves for over 80 years with headquarters in Muncie, Indiana. Worldwide representation includes a subsidiary in Brussels, Belgium, an Asian Pacific sales office in Singapore, and over 60 other sales locations.

After leading the glass industry for over 10 years, the Maxon OXY-THERM Burner is also being utilized in other high temperature applications, such as preheating, rotary melting, incineration, and forge furnaces.

OXY-THERM Burners provide accelerated heat transfer, produce increased infrared transmission and their non-lofting flames have higher luminosity and can increase production rates by more than 20%. Other OXY-THERM advantages include a 5:1 turndown ratio, maintenance-free design, oxy-pilot for easy lighting and stability, multi-fuel capability and low emissions.

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