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1999 TMS Annual Meeting: Exhibitor

February 28-March 4 · 1999 TMS ANNUAL MEETING · San Diego, California


Booth #840     Pratteln, Switzerland

KVAERNER BUSS A.G., Switzerland is the leading supplier of Anode-Paste production lines. In view of the present situation at the world primary aluminum market it is very obvious that new ideas and methods are required for improving the cost benefits.

Small things can be important and can make or break the business. Consequently, BUSS A.G. has introduced the lnline BUSS-Tandem system for mixing and kneading of the paste for prebaked anodes, also the improved production of Soederberg-paste with the dry-process. Do not waste your cast, contact us at our booth. We are pleased to negotiate with any interested party the tailor-made possibilities for improving the production of anode paste, either with existing or new installation. Our knowledge is your cost benefit.

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