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ISSI-2: Tuesday's Contributed Presentations

September 21-25, 1997 · Champion, Pennsylvania

ISSI-2 Logo The 2nd International Symposium on Structural Intermetallics (ISSI-2), sponsored by the High Temperature Alloys and Titanium Committees of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's (TMS's) Structural Materials Division will be held at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Champion, Pennsylvania, Sunday, September 21, through Thursday, September 25, 1997. The following presentations represent the contributed papers that will be held during Tuesday morning's Microstructure & Properties session and Tuesday afternoon's Ni3Al and Iron Aluminides session. These presentations will be complemented by a collection of invited papers. See the calendar of events for more information.


HREM Investigation on Deformation Twinning and Twin Intersection in a Hot-Deformed Ti-45Al-10Nb Alloy
Wang, Zhang, Chen, Ye, and Nieh

Microstructural Design of Near gamma-TiAl for Creep Resistance
Beddoes, Zhao, Au, Dudzinski, and Triantafillou

The Role of Interfacial Substructure on the Creep Deformation Behavior of a Fully-Lamellar TiAl Alloy
Hsiung and Nieh

Mechanisms of Plasticity and Fracture in gamma-alpha2 TiAl Alloys
Wiezorek, Mills, and Fraser

The Effect of Heat Treatments on Microstructures and Primary Creep Properties of Four Investment Cast Titanium Aluminides Alloys
Seo, Bieler, and Larsen

Dislocation Motion and Deformation Processes in gamma TiAl
Hemker, Lu, and Zupan

Structural Evolution of Titanium Di-Borides in Wrought Ti-47at%Al-2Mo-0.2B
De Graef, Hardwick, and Martin

Processing, Structure and Properties of Some TiAl-Based Alloys
Cheng, Godfrey, Hu, Blenkinsop, Jones, and Loretto

Mechanical and Microstructural Responses and Microcrack Formation in Titanium Aluminides at a Wide Range of Strain Rate and Temperature
Jin, Cady, Vaidya, Butt, Gray, Kim, and Yamaguchi

The Effect of Cooling Rate on Microstructural Development in Cast Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb Type Alloys
Muraleedharan, Rishel, De Graef, Cramb, Pollock, and Gray

Deformation Substructure Evolution Pertaining to 1/2[110] Unit Dislocations in TiAl Alloys
Sriram, Dimiduk, Hazzledine, and Vasudevan

The alpha-gamma Phase Transformation Mechanisms in Two-Phase gamma-TiAl Based Intermetallic Alloys
Abe, Kumagai, and Nakamura

Morphology of Discontinuous Coarsening in Fully Lamellar Ti-44Al (at%) Alloy
Mitao and Bendersky

Diffusion, Atomic Mobility and Point Defects in Gamma Titanium Aluminides
Sattonnay, Feng, Dimitrov, and Dimitrov

Stability of Ultrafine Lamellar Microstructures During Aging in Two-Phase gamma-TiAl Alloys
Maziasz and Liu

Thermal Cycling of TiAl Alloys
Christodoulou, Wagner, and Kampe

Microstructure Evolution in Gamma Titanium Aluminides Containing Beta-Phase Stabilizers and Boron Additions
Madangopal, Natarajan, Vasudevan, and Dimiduk


A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Non-Equilibrium Grain Boundary Segregation of Boron and Magnesium in Ni3Al Alloys
Lin and Zhang

How to Obtain Some Room Temperature Ductility in FeAl (B2) Intermetallic Alloys
Fraczkiewicz, Gay, Launois, and Biscondi

Engineering Application of DS Cast Ni3Al Alloy IC6 for Aero-Engine Turbine Vanes

Observation of Quenched-in Vacancies in the B2 Intermetallic Compound FeAl
Kogachi and Haraguchi

The Anomalous Temperature Dependence of the Yield Strength in FeAl
Baker and George

Interdependence of Recovery and Ordering in Boron-Doped Ni76Al24
Chowdhury, Jena, and Ray

Elastic Constants and Internal Friction of Fe70Al30Single Crystals
Hermann, Ort, and Sockel

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fe-40Al-0.6 at.%C
Pang and Kumar

Defect Properties and Defect Analysis in Iron Aluminides
Wolff, Franz, Broska, and Hehenkamp

An Explanation for the Environmental Sensitivity of Ni3Al
Lillig, Legzdina, Robertson, and Birnbaum

High Temperature Strength of Unidirectionally Solidified Stoichiometric and Al-rich Ni3Al Intermetallics
Golberg, Demura, and Hirano

High Temperature Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Fe3Al-Based Intermetallic Alloys
Couto and Ferreira

Protective Coatings Based on FeAl Intermetallic Obtained by a Gas Detonation Method
Bojar, Przetakiewicz, Varin, and Bystrzycki

Study of H-Diffusion in Intermetallic Compound Ni3Al (Zr,B)
Wu, Cheng, Sun, Wan, and Hu

Dislocation Interactions, Jogs, Flow Stress and Work Hardening in Ni3Al

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