TMS LogoSecond International Conference on Processing Materials for Properties: Housing Accommodations

November 5–8, 2000  ·  San Francisco, California

The Second International Conference on Processing Materials for Properties (PMP2000) will take place November 5–8, 2000, in San Francisco, California.

Under the joint organization of The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan (MMIJ) and The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), PMP2000 will provide a forum for the world's materials community to address the continuing globalization of materials production and the creation of new technologies and materials which are broadening the horizons of materials in associated processing routes.

The Headquarters Hotel and site for PMP 2000 is the Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five Hotel, San Francisco, California, USA.

An important component of PMP 2000 is the opportunity to meet with representatives of the university, the industry, etc. from all over the globe. In this respect, the conference venue at Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five Hotel will provide excellent opportunities for networking and discussions with colleagues and associates.

Participants should fax or mail their conference housing form, which is available for download in portable document format, as early as possible to the Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five Hotel. The housing cut-off is October 4, 2000. After October 4, 2000, the conference rate and availability at the Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five Hotel may not be available.

Fax, mail or call your housing reservation form to:

Renaissance Parc Fifty-Five Hotel 55
Cyril Magnin Street Market at Fifth
San Francisco, California 94102, USA
Fax: 415-421-5993
Phone: 415-403-6634 or 800-621-1187


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