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About the 4th International Symposium on 718 and Others: Technical Program, Wednesday Afternoon Sessions (June 18)

June 15-18, 1997 · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The following papers will be presented at the 4th International Symposium on Superalloys 718, 625, 706 and Derivatives, on Wednesday afternoon, June 18th, 1997.

B.J. McTiernon, Crucible Materials, Pittsburgh, PA
Prof. Xishan Xie, UST, Beijing, China

Session VI: Environmental Effects, Weldability and P/M Technology

Effect of Multiple Heat Treatments on Weldability of Alloy 718
J.W. Hooijmans, J.C. Lippold, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; W. Lin, Edison Welding Institute, Columbus, OH

Effect of Delta Phase Precipitation of Repair Weldability of Alloy 718
John C. Lippold, Department of Industrial Welding, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; M.E. Mehl, Pratt & Whitney, W. Palm Beach, FL

The Effect of B Segregation on Heat-Affected Zone Microfissuring in EB Welded Inconel 718
M.C. Chaturvedi, W. Chen, A. Saranchuk, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada; N.L. Richards, Bristol Aerospace Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba

Numerical Simulation of Inertia Welding of Inconel 718
V. Balasubramanian, Y. Li, T. Stotler, J. Crompton, N. Katsube, W.O. Soboyejo, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Sintering Effect on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Alloy 718 Processed by Powder Injection Molding
J.J. Valencia, J. Spirko, Concurrent Technologies, Johnstown, PA; R. Schmees, United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, West Palm Beach, FL

P/M Alloy 625M for High Strength Corrosion Resistant Applications
F.J. Rizzo, Crucible Compaction Metals, Oakdale, PA; and S. Floreen, Lockheed-Martin, KAPL, Schenectady, NY

Characterization of Current Production of AOD and ESR Alloy 625 Plate
P. Ganesan, G.D. Smith, J.R. Crum, Inco Alloys International, Huntington, WV

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