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Recipient: 2000 William Hume-Rothery Award

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society's William Hume-Rothery Award was established in 1972 by the Institute of Metals Division of TMS and recognizes outstanding scholarly contributions to the science of alloys. The award includes an invitation to the recipient to be the honored lecturer at the William Hume-Rothery Memorial Symposium during the TMS Annual Meeting.
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Armen G. Khachaturyan

Lecture Title: “Theoretical Characterization of Alloy Structures at Microscopic and Mesoscopic Scales”

Biography: Armen. G. Khachaturyan is State of New Jersey Chair Professor at Rutgers University’s department of ceramic and materials engineering.

He earned his M.S. in 1959 from the Moscow Steel and Alloy Institute in metal physics and his Ph.D. in 1963 from the Institute of Mathematics of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. In 1971, Dr. Khachaturyan received a Dr. Habilitus from the Metal Physics Institute of Ukrain Academy of Sciences, Kiev, in solid state theory. He held positions as senior research scientist at the Metal Physics Institute of the Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy in Moscow, the Institute of Crystallography of the Academy of Science of the USSR, and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

Dr. Khachaturyan has been honored by several awards.


Quote: “It is a great honor to be named a recipient of the 2000 W. Hume-Rothery Award for my work in the theory of phase transformations in alloys. I also consider this award a sign of a growing recognition of the role played by the theoretical research in the science of materials. It gives me a feeling of deep satisfaction to learn that my work is regarded by peers in TMS as an important contribution to the field. I would like to express my appreciation of the invaluable opportunities for a stimulating exchange of knowledge and ideas that TMS provides to the scientific and engineering community.”

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