TMS2018 Professional Development Events

Improving Culture and Business Performance: Going Beyond the Warm and Fuzzy

Sunday, March 11, 2018 • 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Phoenix Convention Center
Professional Development Committee
Samya Brayley, Mawson Consulting; Barry Sadler, Net Carbon Consulting, Pty Ltd; Shane Hughes, Mawson Consulting


This is a workshop on how to create a work environment where employees and team members are engaged and more productive. It will link engagement and productivity to specifics such as organization structure, data-based decision making and using capability effectively. The workshop uses a set of proven integrated models that help leaders to understand how to set up and maintain an organization, including the impact of their own behavior, to create conditions in which people are engaged and work productively. It will aim to be applied in providing relevant examples of how these models can be used in businesses linked in TMS attendees.

Who Attends?

This workshop would be suitable for people with technical backgrounds that have been promoted into positions where they are managing significant teams.

Topical outline

  1. Introduction—What do we mean by culture? How does it relate to business performance?
  2. Structuring for success (including links to approaches such as Theory of Constraints), especially when expanding or contracting a business
  3. Data-based decision making—Who should be doing what and why?
  4. When there is no money—Looking for capability stretch in people and processes
  5. Employee discretion when reducing variability is what you’re chasing

Instructor Biographies

Sam Brayley is a Founder and Principal of Mawson Consulting. She worked for Rio Tinto in the iron ore, aluminum, diamond, alumina, and bauxite business units. Brayley has consulted in the private and public sectors across a range of industries including manufacturing, resources, finance, and airlines over the past ten years. Brayley consults in all aspects of organization development and has particular expertise in the areas of organization structure/design, capability and talent management, and organization system design/implementation. She is also a clinical psychologist.

Shane Hughes is a Principal of Mawson Consulting. Hughs worked for Hamersley Iron, Comalco, and Virgin Blue and has consulted to a range of resource and industrial companies in Australia and overseas since 2002. He has extensive experience in the areas of organizational change, employee relations, and workplace culture.

Barry Sadler is a metallurgist who worked for Rio Tinto Aluminium Smelting and Iron Ore Mining businesses for 20 years in research, production, technical management, and organizational roles. Since 2002, he has consulted internationally on technical and business improvement and how organizational principles can be applied to accelerate progress in these areas.


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