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Topic Title: Glotzilla
Topic Summary: The Glotzer Group. Free molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo framework
Created On: 11/7/2007 10:20 AM

 11/7/2007 10:20 AM

Adam Powell

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Glotzilla is a C++ class library framework for scalable molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations. It includes several applications with data analysis and visualization capabilities. It links with related codes such as LAMMPS.

Licensing is not yet clear, but a goal of the project is to be "freely available". Though the project has yet to make a formal release (as of November 7, 2007), the code can be checked out using the Subversion revision control system. For further information, see Glotzilla Library.

Citation: The Glotzer Group, "Glotzilla," Laboratory for Computational Nanoscience & Soft Matter Simulation.

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