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Topic Title: ANSYS CFX
Topic Summary: Ansys, Inc.. Commercial computational fluid dynamics package
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 2/7/2007 10:19 PM

Cathy Rohrer

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ANSYS CFX takes advantage of data and information common to many simulations. This begins with common geometry: Users can link to existing native computer-aided design (CAD) packages as well as create and/or modify CAD models in an intuitive solid modeling environment. Complementing the common geometry model is a suite of meshing tools, designed to ensure easy generation of the most appropriate mesh for the given application. ANSYS CFX tools then guide the user through the setup of operating conditions, selection of materials and definition of models.

The ANSYS CFX solver uses the most modern solution technology with a coupled algebraic multi-grid solver and extremely efficient parallelization to help ensure that solutions are ready for analysis quickly and reliably. Solution analysis with the ANSYS CFX post-processor then gives users the power to extract any desired quantitative data from the solution; it also provides a comprehensive set of flow visualization options. Animations of flow simulations are easily generated.

ANSYS CFX runs on UNIX, Linux, and Windows environments.

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