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Topic Title: ARTICLE: Market Model Simulation: The Impact of Increased Automotive Interest in Magnesium
Topic Summary: : R. J. Urbance et. al. article from JOM-e
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 9/18/2007 11:29 AM

Lynette Karabin

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ABSTRACT: Due to increasing energy and environmental concerns automakers have recently become more interested in lightweight alternatives to traditional component designs. Magnesium, the lightest standard engineering metal, has often been cited as showing potential in the automotive world, but has been resisted by automakers due to high prices and limited availability. Small production resources of magnesium limit the potential of magnesium in the automotive arena if growth in interest leads to material shortages and price volatility. To investigate the dynamics of the magnesium market, a system dynamics simulation model of the market was created. The model, which simulates supply, demand, and price interactions, was used to investigate market stability strategies that will benefit all market players.

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SOURCE: Urbance, R. J., F. Field, R. Kirchain, R. Roth and J. P. Clark. “Market Model Simulation: The Impact of Increased Automotive Interest in Magnesium”. JOM-e. TMS. August 2002.

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