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Topic Title: PRESENTATION: Accelerating the Development of the Next Generation of High Temperature Metals
Topic Summary: S. Russ et. al. presentation for Eastern NY ASM/TMS Annual Symposium, 21 August 2007
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 10/3/2007 11:27 AM

Lynette Karabin

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This presentation describes the DARPA AIM program that focuses on the use of modeling, simulation, and characterization tools, techniques, and methodologies to accelerate the development and application of new and emerging materials and processes. The emphasis is on Ni-base superalloys for turbine disks and blades. The motivation for the program is presented, challenges are described and recent progress is highlighted. The authors present AFRL.MLLMD In-House research on developing the AIM tools, i.e. for predicting microstructure evolution of Ni-base superalloys during heat treatment and service exposure, for acquiring and reconstructing 3D characterizations of microstructure, and for formulating and verifying constitutive relationships for Ni-based superalloys.

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SOURCE: Russ, S., C. Woodward, D. Dimiduk, J. Simmons, J. Spowart and M. Uchic. “Accelerating the Development of the Next Generation of High Temperature Metals.” Presented at the Eastern NY ASM/TMS Annual Symposium. GE Global Research Center. 21 August 2007.

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