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Topic Title: WEB RESOURCE: Design of a Creep-Resistant Nickel-base Superalloy for Power Plant Applications
Topic Summary: Summarizes a three-part study, while providing access to papers covering the study
Created On: 2/9/2007 5:02 AM

 2/9/2007 5:02 AM

Lynette Karabin

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This webpage summarizes a three-part study of the design of a creep-resistant nickel base superalloy for power plant applications. The first part of the study involved modeling the tensile and creep rupture properties of superalloys as a function of composition and processing. Databases on existing alloys were used to create the models. The second part of the study involved use of phase diagrams to calculate solidification range, forging window and heat treatment to design an alloy. The third part of the study involved production of the new alloy, generation of mechanical properties and comparison to model predictions.

Abstracts and links to pdf downloads for the papers covering the three parts of the study are given. In addition, an abstract and link to a paper summarizing the study and a link to a power point presentation of that study is also given.

SOURCE: "Design of a Creep-Resistant Nickel-base Superalloy for Power Plant Applications." Phase Transformations & Complex Properties Research Group. 2003. University of Cambridge, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy.


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