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Topic Title: TUTORIALS: Webcast with Audio: Basic Corrosion: Recurring Questions & Answers
Topic Summary: G. Warren, University of Alabama. EDUCATION RESOURCE AWARD WINNER, Structural Materials Division
Created On: 11/26/2007 5:15 PM

 11/26/2007 5:15 PM

Garry Warren

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In teaching and learning corrosion many questions recur every semester, year after year. This presentation gives common examples of recurring questions encountered in electrochemistry and corrosion. The vast majority of these relate to basic information covered in the first few weeks, it is the foundation upon which a reliable understanding of corrosion depends. Most such recurring questions fall into one of the following areas: terminology (e.g. cathode vs. anode), thermodynamics (e.g. Nernst equation), sign convention (?G = +nFE vs. ?G = – nFE), reference electrodes, and understanding the significance of the cathodic reaction. Of all of these it is probably sign conventions that are the most vexing to students so this aspect is emphasized. Computer software is a very practical way to expose students to recurring questions. It has the advantage of permitting students to review individual areas of difficulty at any time. It also allows more class time for other or more advanced topics. Selected examples from a software program entitled Ecorr (available via MaterialsTechnology@TMS) are given which focus on many recurring corrosion questions. It is an interactive tool and requires the user to input numerous answers and calculations. The user is guided through calculations, and graphical examples of many corrosion concepts are provided.

Citation: G. Warren, "Basic Corrosion: Recurring Questions & Answers," Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, The University of Alabama, November 2007. Submitted to MaterialsTechnology@TMS 2008.

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