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Topic Title: VIDEOS: Process of Manufacturing Porcelain
Topic Summary: Kyushu Ceramic Museum. Video clips extracted from "The Story of Arita Ware"
Created On: 6/12/2007 10:27 PM

 6/12/2007 10:27 PM

Cathy Rohrer

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This site describes the steps involved in porcelain production from bisque firing to underglaze line drawing and infilling to main firing to overglaze enameling to the finished product. Photographs of each step and brief video clips extracted from the video The Story of Arita Ware, made by the Kyushu Ceramic Museum in Saga Prefecture, are presented. The video clips are in Japanese, but the accompanying written text is in English.

Citation: "Exploration of Ceramic Production: Process of Manufacturing Porcelain." Excerpted from The Story of Arita Ware. Kyushu Ceramic Museum in Saga Prefecture.

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