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Topic Title: VISUALS: Cracks in the Theory of Cracks
Topic Summary: Physical Review Focus. Simulation videos of stable and unstable crack propagation in a silicon crystal
Created On: 6/17/2007 9:36 PM

 6/17/2007 9:36 PM

Cathy Rohrer

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This site provides a summary of experimental and simulated results pertaining to crack propagation in single-crystal silicon. Three simulation videos are presented showing crack initiation, stable crack propagation, and unstable crack propagation.

Citation: "Cracks in the Theory of Cracks." Physical Review Focus. 12 May 1999. ISSN 1539-0748. ©2007 The American Physical Society.

Original Reference: Hauch, J.A., Holland, D., Marder, M.P., Swinney, H.L., "Dynamic Fracture in Single Crystal Silicon," Phys. Rev. Lett., 82, 3823. (10 May 1999)

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