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Topic Title: VISUALS: Animations of polymeric materials
Topic Summary: Laboratory of Advanced Polymers and Optimized Materials (LAPOM), U. of North Texas.
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 12/11/2007 2:38 PM

Cathy Rohrer

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In this page you will find animations on the structure of polymeric materials, mechanical deformation of polymers, crack formation and propagation, scratch testing, and true stress vs engineering stress. Animations include:
• Polymers consisting of oriented chains
• Polymers consisting of randomly oriented (coiled) chains
• Presence of entanglements in polymeric structures
• Step-wise polymerization process in 2D and 3D
• Crack formation and propagation in PLCs
• Poisson effect during tensile deformation of polymers
• Deformation mechanisms - bond rupture, chain separation, chain scission
• Effect of entanglements on the deformation mechanism
• Scratching simulations
• True Stress vs Engineering Stress during deformation

Citation: "Resources for Education," The Laboratory of Advanced Polymers and Optimized Materials (LAPOM), University of North Texas. Last updated March 15, 2005.

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