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Topic Summary: J. Philibert. Multimedia Resource Centre for Materials Science Education
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Jean Philibert

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The purpose of this website is to gather information, multimedia documents and contents, and links to other websites to help teachers and students alike to find, share, exchange or buy resources used in teaching Materials Science. Aimed at being a repository for documents and valuable sites links to complement their lectures and courses and as a source of exercises, this site is also opened to all public and intends to be multi-lingual, though currently it only supports English in its interface.

List of collectable documents:

1. Text Examples.
Teacher's course, historical document, book or document review/comments, etc. Preferred format: PDF, HTML, RTF or TXT.
2. Books.
Reference of published text-books.
3. Visuals.
Graphics (animated or still), photographs, micrographs, schematics...
4. Multimedia documents, videos.
Document which could include hypertext, graphics, animated graphics, simulations, video files or references of analogic videos.
5. Numerical simulations of experiments
6. Softwares.
Dedicated to teaching or that can be used as a support to teaching. Texts relating how they are used are welcome.
7. Links (http address).
Where objects 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be found.
8. Distant Learning
Links to universities or companies offering these services.

Scientific Domains

* Corrosion
* Crystallography
* Diffusion and transport of matter (currently most heavily furnished)
* General metallurgy
* High temperature oxidation
* Materials and process selection
* Materials characterization
* Materials elaboration
* Mechanical properties of materials
* Metallography
* Physical properties of materials
* Plasticity
* Powders and sintered materials
* Terminology, dictionaries and translations
* Thermodynamics and phase transformations

All the data served on this site are checked by an Editorial Committee which select them for their pertinence and quality. However, the Editorial Committee and the Technical Editor are not responsible for the possible mistakes within external linked documents, bugs in software, and the like.
Some of these domains are presently rather well furnished (Diffusion and Transport), other are still under development. The editors will be pleased to receive proposals to complete or to participate in the development of some of these domains.

Citation: "E-Materials - Multimedia Resource Centre for Materials Science Education," J. Philibert and D. Monceau (Site Editors), L. Mochamps (Technical Editor). Copyright © 2007 Lionel Mochamps & Daniel Monceau.

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Jean Philibert

Daniel Monceau

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Lionel Mochamps

Jean Philibert has been working in many fields of Metals and Ceramics, first as a research scientist with the French Research Institute for Steel Research, and later as a director of CNRS and University laboratories. He has been teaching Metallurgy and Materials Science for many years. He has been involved in the organization of several Summer Schools , and in the publication of several text books, either as an author or co-author or as an associate editor. He was awarded in 1999 the Acta Materialia Gold Medal.

Daniel Monceau is Senior Scientist at CNRS at the CIRIMAT laboratory (CNRS-INPT-UPS) in Toulouse, France. His current research is focused on high temperature oxidation of metals, and more generally on degradation and protection of high temperature materials. His activity is centred on research with about 70 published papers in international journals, nevertheless he has always been fascinated by the scientific education, for example as the author of softwares including Ca.R.Ine Crystallography.


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