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Topic Title: PRESENTATIONS: State of Art Lead-Free Solder Technology Workshop
Topic Summary: 2007 TMS Workshop slides, including audio, covering results and challenges fro the implementation of lead-free solders
Created On: 5/25/2007 7:40 AM

 5/25/2007 7:40 AM

Todd Osman

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Downloadable files, including audio, from the 2007 TMS Lead-Free Solder Technology Workshop, sponsored by the TMS Electronic Packaging and Interconnect Materials Commitee.

Workshop Abstract:

With trending in electronics demanding faster, smaller and cheaper products, this one day Pb-free technology workshop presents up to date technology reviews and identifies gaps for future needs for emerging Pb-free technology.

There are two sections : Section 1> focuses on Pb-free BGA interconnect scaling effects. The invited speakers share their experiences, learning and knowledge on 2nd level Pb-free interconnects and prediction on benefits, limitations, technology gap, and reliability risks as package trending smaller. Newly designed Pb-free solders that could potentially filling in emerging technology needs are also presented. Section 2> focuses on scaling of flip chip interconnects. High performance of electronics demands low K dielectrics used in the die to reduce cross talk. Integration of low K into the package is still a challenge. Smaller joints and higher current density also set flip chip joints under very complicated stress condition. In this section speakers will discuss about mechanical stress, electrical current and chemical reaction interactions and their effects in reliability prediction. New emerging technology will also discussed.

Citation: State of Art Lead-Free Solder Technology Workshop, TMS 2007 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, February 25, 2007.


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