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Topic Title: ARTICLES: High-Radiation Nuclear Waste Disposal
Topic Summary: Link to JOM issue focusing on materials testing to determine the safety of nuclear waste repositories
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 6/25/2007 5:23 PM

Lynne Robinson

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The following articles published in the January 2005 issue of JOM. offer extensive coverage of materials testing in progress to determine the safety of the proposed Yucca Mountain repository for high-radiation nuclear waste. Relevant articles include:

An Overview of the Yucca Mountain Project, Vimal Desai
Modeling the Hydrogen-Induced Cracking of Titanium Alloys in Nuclear Waste Repository Environments, Fred Hua, Kevin Mon, Pasu Pasupathi, Gerald Gordon, and David Shoesmith
The Stress-Corrosion-Cracking Model for High-Level Radioactive-Waste Packages, P.L. Andersen, G.M. Gordon, and S.C. Lu
The Open-Circuit Ennoblement of Alloy C-22 and Other Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys, A.C. Lloyd, J.J. Noël, N.S. McIntyre, and D.W. Shoesmith
The Evaluation of Corrosion Processes for Engineered Barrier Systems, A. Csontos, T. Ahn, A. Passarelli, Y. Pan, D. Dunn, and L. Yang
The Unlikelihood of Localized Corrosion of Nuclear Waste Packages Arising from Deliquescent Brine Formation, M. Apted, F. King, D. Langmuir, R. Arthur, and J. Kessler
The Localized Corrosion Resistance and Mechanical Properties of Alloy 22 Waste Package Outer Containers, D.S. Dunn, Y.-M. Pan, K.T. Chiang, L. Yang, G.A. Cragnolino, and X. He
Using Electrochemical Methods to Determine Alloy 22's Crevice Corrosion Repassivation Potential, Kenneth J. Evans, Ahmet Yilmaz, S. Daniel Day, Lana L. Wong, John C. Estill, and Raúl B. Rebak

Citation: JOM. 57(1) January 2005.

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