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Topic Title: ABSTRACT: Effects of Electron Irradiation in Nuclear Waste Glasses
Topic Summary: K. Sun, et. al., Philosophical Magazine. Summarizes recent studies of electron irradiation damage in glass waste forms
Created On: 6/26/2007 7:43 AM

 6/26/2007 7:43 AM

Lynne Robinson

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This article summarizes recent studies of electron irradiation damage in sodium borosilicate, iron phosphate and aluminophosphate glass waste forms using a modern analytical electron microscope. Three different borosilicate and iron phosphate glasses and an aluminophosphate glass were studied. Results indicate that all these glasses decomposed under the 200 kV electron irradiation. Migration of alkali elements from the irradiated centers to the peripheries under irradiation occurred in the alkali-element containing glasses, which results in the formation of alkali-depleted and -enriched phases. The link provided leads to the abstract only. The full article can be purchased from Taylor and Francis.

Citation: Sun, K., Wang, L.M., Ewing, R.C., Weber, W.J. "Effects of Electron Irradiation in Nuclear Waste Glasses." Philosophical Magazine 85(4-7) February 2005: 597-608.

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