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Topic Title: ABSTRACT: Radiation Damage and Alteration of Zircon from a 3.3 Ga Porphyritic Granite
Topic Summary: J. Valley, et. al., Chemical Geology. Study of samples from the Jack Hills, Western Australia
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 6/27/2007 7:53 AM

Lynne Robinson

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Complexly zoned zircons (19 grains, 3.3 Ga) from a porphyritic granite in the Jack Hills, Western Australia, have been investigated using electron microprobe analysis (EMPA) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in order to examine the effects of radiation as a function of dose, as well as the nano-scale microstructure and composition of impurities and secondary alteration phases. The link provided leads to the abstract only. The full article may be purchased from Elsevier.

Citation: Valley, J.W., Cavosie, A.J., Wilde, S.A., Ewing, R.C. "Radiation Damage and Alteration of Zircon from a 3.3 Ga Porphyritic Granite from the Jack Hills, Western Australia." Chemical Geology. 236 (1-2) January 2007: 92-111.

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