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Topic Title: REPORT: Waste Package Corrosion Studies Using Small Mockup Experiments
Topic Summary: B. Anderson, et. al., Yucca Mountain Project. Focus on the nature of repository waste package steel corrosion products
Created On: 6/27/2007 8:21 AM

 6/27/2007 8:21 AM

Lynne Robinson

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The corrosion of spent nuclear fuel and subsequent mobilization of radionuclides is of great concern in a geologic repository, particularly if conditions are oxidizing. Corroding A516 steel may offset these transport processes within the proposed waste packages at the Yucca Mountain Repository (YMR) by retaining radionuclides, creating locally reducing conditions, and reducing porosity.The focus of this paper is on the nature of Yucca Mountain waste package steel corrosion products and their effects on local redox state, radionuclide transport, and porosity.

Citation: Anderson, B.E., Helean, K.B., Bryan, C.R., Brady, P.V., and Ewing, R.C. United States. Yucca Mountain Project. Waste Package Corrosion Studies Using Small Mockup Experiments. Washington, D.C.: Department of Energy, 2005.

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