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Topic Title: REPORT: Inert-Matrix Fuel: Actinide ''Burning'' and Direct Disposal
Topic Summary: R. Ewing, et. al., University of Michigan. Overview of current research
Created On: 6/27/2007 4:04 PM

 6/27/2007 4:04 PM

Lynne Robinson

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Excess actinides result from the dismantlement of nuclear weapons (Pu) and the reprocessing of commercial spent nuclear fuel (mainly 241 Am, 244 Cm and 237 Np). In Europe, Canada and Japan studies have determined much improved efficiencies for burnup of actinides using inert-matrix fuels. This innovative approach also considers the properties of the inert-matrix fuel as a nuclear waste form for direct disposal after one-cycle of burn-up. Direct disposal can considerably reduce cost, processing requirements, and radiation exposure to workers.

Citation: Ewing, R.C., Wang, L. United States. University of Michigan. Inert-Matrix Fuel: Actinide ''Burning'' and Direct Disposal. Washington, D.C.: Department of Energy, October 2002.

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