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Topic Title: REPORT: Rhenium Uptake as Analogue 96Tc by Steel Corrosion Products
Topic Summary: K. Krupka, et. al., Pacific Northwest National Lab. Experiments on corrosion products of A-516 carbon steel coupons
Created On: 5/17/2007 7:31 PM

 5/17/2007 7:31 PM

Lynne Robinson

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Static batch experiments were used to examine the sorption of dissolved perrhenate [Re(VII)], as a surrogate for pertechnetate [Tc(VII)], on corrosion products of A-516 carbon steel coupons contacted with synthetic groundwater or dilute water. Analyses of the coupons by scanning electron microscopy/energy dispersive spectroscopy (SEM/EDS) indicated that Re was present with the morphologically complex assemblages of Fe oxide/hydroxide corrosion products for samples spiked with the highest dissolved Re(VII) concentration (1.0 mmol/L) used for these experiments. Analyses of corroded steel coupons contacted with solutions containing 1.0 mmol/L Re(VII) by synchrotron-based methods confirmed the presence of Re sorbed with the corrosion product on the steel coupons. Analyses showed that the Re sorbed on these corroded coupons was in the +7 oxidation state, suggesting that the Re(VII) uptake mechanism did not involve reduction of Re to a lower oxidation state, such as +4. The results of our studies using Re(VII) as an analogue for {sup 99}Tc(VII) suggest that {sup 99}Tc(VII) would also be sorbed with steel corrosion products and that the inventory of {sup 99}Tc(VII) released from breached waste packages would be lower than what is now conservatively estimated.

Citation: Krupka, K.M., Brown, C.F., Schaef, H.T., Heald, S.M., Valenta, M.M., Arey, B.W. United States. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Rhenium Uptake as Analogue 96Tc by Steel Corrosion Products. Washington, D.C.: Department of Energy, 30 April 2006.

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