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Topic Title: ABSTRACT: Zirconia Ceramics for Excess Weapons Plutonium Waste
Topic Summary: W Gong, et. al., Journal of Nuclear Materials. Study of radiation resistance and chemical durability
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 6/26/2007 7:07 AM

Lynne Robinson

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A zirconia (ZrO sub(2))-based single-phase ceramic containing simulated excess weapons plutonium waste. ZrO sub(2) has large solubility for other metallic oxides was synthesized. It was shown that significant amounts of gadolinium (neutron absorber) and yttrium (additional stabilizer of the cubic modification) can be dissolved in ZrO sub(2), together with plutonium (simulated by Ce super(4+), U super(4+) or Th super(4+)) and impurities (e.g., Ca, Mg, Fe, Si). Link leads to abstract only. Full text of the article can be purchased from Elsevier.

Citation: Gong, W.L., Lutze, W., and Ewing, R.C. "Zirconia Ceramics for Excess Weapons Plutonium Waste." Journal of Nuclear Materials 277(2-3) February 2000:239-249.

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