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Topic Title: BOOK: Uncertainty Underground: Yucca Mountain and the Nation's High-Level Nuclear Waste
Topic Summary: A. Macfarlane, et. al., eds. Compilation of articles on the technology and regulatory processes of Yucca Mountain
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 6/26/2007 7:16 AM

Lynne Robinson

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Compilation of articles by technical experts describing the technology and regulatory process for developing the Yucca Mountain repository. After an overview of the historical and regulatory context, the contributors investigate external factors (including climate change and volcanic activity) that could affect repository performance and then turn to topics concerning the repository itself. These include hydrologic issues, the geological conditions with which the nuclear waste in the repository would interact, and the predicted behavior of the different kinds of waste and waste package materials.

Citation: Uncertainty Underground: Yucca Mountain and the Nation's High-Level Nuclear Waste. Eds. Allison M. Macfarlane and Rodney C. Ewing. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2006.

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