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Topic Title: What is the biggest lead-free soldering process logistics issue being reviewed within the electronics industry?
Topic Summary: Question to David Hillman.
Created On: 11/13/2007 9:58 AM

 11/13/2007 9:58 AM

Todd Osman

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Question posed by the Moderator to David Hillman:
What is the biggest lead-free soldering process logistics issue currently being reviewed within the electronics industry?

Dr. Hillman responded: I think the one where I go is the one that I’m experiencing at Rockwell–Collins is we’re trying to understand the world of lead-free. And that would be, “How do you deal with the logistics out on your factory or facility floors?” Rockwell–Collins, just like many other high-performance electronic OEMs, we are always going to have a tin-lead and a lead-free process, we need to co-exist. So do you segregate your lead-free and your tin-lead processes, do you co-exist in the same portion of the facility, do you go to color-coding? What type of system do you put into your factory to help you understand that you keep them separate so you don’t mix them up, yet what’s your most efficient cost and resource usage in trying to build both a tin-lead and lead-free product in the same place. That’s one of the big things I think we’re going to see a lot of data come out of.

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