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Topic Title: REPORT: Direct Laser Powder Deposition – “State of the Art”
Topic Summary: J. Sears report for Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory for the US DOE, 1999
Created On: 12/11/2007 1:59 PM

 12/11/2007 1:59 PM

Lynette Karabin

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This report describes the Direct Laser Powder Deposition (DLPD) process known by various names, including Directed Light Fabrication (DLFTM), Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENSTM) and Direct Metal Deposition (DMDTM) and presents a list of more than 25 facilites in North America that were conducting work in this area at the time of publication. The report also elaborates on Selective Laser Sintering (SLSTM) but suggest that most work using this process has been directed towards plastics and ceramics.

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SOURCE: J. W. Sears. “Direct Laser Powder Deposition – State of the Art”. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. Schenectady, New York. November 1999.

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