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Topic Title: JULY MEMBER NEWS FEATURE: The Practical Artistry of David DeYoung
Topic Summary: A look at how one TMS member transforms rough wood into things of beauty and comfort for his family.
Created On: 7/2/2009 11:32 AM

 7/2/2009 11:32 AM

Francine Garrone

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David DeYoung's woodworking hobby took on new life—and new meaning—when he discovered it could help him create a comfortable, nurturing environment for his sons, Henry and Andrew, who were both diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when they were toddlers. A technical consultant at the Alcoa Technical Center in Upper Burrell, Pennsylvania, DeYoung set his talents to designing a house that would permit them to enjoy everyday pleaures in life, as well as devices that have helped facilitate their daily care. In addition, the devotion and perseverance of DeYoung and his wife, Joan, have enabled Henry and Andrew to grow into extraordinary young men who have both earned high academic distinction as studetns at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. You can read the full story about this remarkable family by clicking here.

Attached are photos of DeYoung and some of his favorite projects:

DeYoung1: DeYoung works on a shave horse as he shapes chair spindles with a drawknife.
DeYoung2: Trying out a recently completed Windsor chair.
DeYoung3: DeYoung hand planes a bed post.
DeYoung4: DeYoung in front of the home he designed for his family, along with a recently completed Shaker-style writing table.
DeYoung5: A nearly completed pencil post bed.

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