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Topic Title: Introducing a New TMS Member Benefit for Tough Economic Times
Topic Summary: TMS has created the Job and Financial Recource Center--Web Resources Plus Personalized Advice
Created On: 12/18/2008 9:29 AM

 12/18/2008 9:29 AM

Warren Hunt

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Dear Fellow TMS Members:

I am writing in follow up to my earlier message concerning what TMS can do to help you during this difficult economic period. At that time, I noted that TMS staff would work to develop a new resource on financial planning and management as well employment security.

I am pleased to announce that we have developed and deployed this new benefit.

It is accessible via the TMS Members-Only website and is called the Job and Financial Security Resource Center. This center provides a moderated collection of information and services that can be of assistance both now and long after the recession ends. Career assistance, financial planning tools, a discussion board, and one-on-one human resources consultations are all available through this member service.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

Some questions you may not be comfortable directing to your organization’s human resources group. Or, perhaps you do not have access to such an in-house resource. This service allows members to consult confidentially with TMS’s own human resources team via a convenient web interface and receive a personalized response.

DIGITAL RESOURCE CENTER: Job and Financial Security Resources
    Employment Search and Security
    • Enhancing Employability: Resources on developing the qualities beyond technical competence that are valued by employers.
    • Job Transition Resources: Information gateways, portals, and sources to help get the job search started.
    • Job Search Tool Kit: A compendium of practical resources on resume writing, interview techniques, networking, and other job search skills.
    • Job Posting Boards: Annotated directory of job listing and resume posting services, many of them geared to science and engineering careers.
    • Sources for Legal Information: Resources on employment rights and legal protections
    • Career Counseling, Advice, and Coaching: People and services who can address employment specific questions and concerns.

    Financial Planning and Management
    • Personal Finance: Make sure you are on sound financial footing with the help of these tools and resources.
    • Planning for Life Events: Concerned about saving for retirement or college expenses in today’s economy? These resources can help.
    • Investment Insights: Turn to these information gateways for answers to common investment questions and concerns.
    • Breaking News and Information: Stay informed about the latest developments with these financial news resources.

    Discussion Zone
      Use a classic Discussion Board interface to post questions, launch discussions, and virtually network with other TMS members.
These new resources supplement existing member benefits, such as the TMS Career Center, where members can post résumés, browse job listings, and even consult with a career coach, as well as numerous discounts that make TMS membership a great value, even in the best of times.

Like you, I am a member of TMS, and the society has repeatedly proven an invaluable resource as I have navigated the directions that my career has taken. From this perspective, I think that these resources represent a significant and timely new benefit.

That said, it is your opinion that matters most. Do these resources meet your needs? Are there others we should be developing? I need to hear from you because TMS exists to serve you, our colleagues . . . our members.

Please e-mail me at with your thoughts and ideas.


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