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Topic Title: Health and Environment
Topic Summary: The Essentiality of Nickel describes the role of Ni in humans, mammals, plants and microorganisms.
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 7/2/2008 9:14 AM

Diana Grady

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The Nickel Producers Environment Research Association (NiPERA) is an independently incorporated division of the Nickel Institute. From this webpage, one is directed to extensive technical information. "The Essentiality of Nickel" describes the role of Ni in humans and other mammals and in plants and microorganisms. It also presents a table of dietary sources of nickel. The Occupational Health page leads to reports on "Safe Use of Nickel in the Workplace", "National Occupational Exposure Limits", "Health Studies of High Nickel Alloy Workers in the U.S." and "Stainless Steel and Welding Fume". There is also information on contact dermatitis, cancer/mutagenicity and the use of stainless steels in dental appliances and surgical implant applications.

Source: "Health and Environment". NiPERA. The Nickel Institute. 2007.
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