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Topic Title: Program in Industrial Ecology
Topic Summary: Program provides student training, both graduate and undergraduate levels, for postdocs and visiting professors.
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 7/2/2008 1:34 PM

Diana Grady

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The Program in Industrial Ecology at UC-Irvine brings together a strong interdisciplinary group of scholars interested in understanding the complex interactions between industrial activities and environmental systems at all scales of analysis. We use the case study approach to explore various configurations of industrial and ecological systems, and how our understanding can lead to new policy designs or changes in existing policies to protect public and environmental health without compromising economic gains or stifling innovation in industrial productivity.
One case study deals with the use of toxic chemicals in electronic products, and how to create environmentally benign products that consumers want, that are affordable, that are recyclable, and that pose no hazard at the end of their useful lives. Another case study is to understand the land-use patterns associated with the generation of pollutants that lead to contaminated urban runoff with negative impacts on watersheds. We are also interested in assessing the changing environmental and public health risks associated with new and emerging industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy, and agricultural and other natural resource industries.
Our multidisciplinary approach analyzes engineering, design, manufacturing, economic, environmental, public health, and public policy aspects of these problems. We are open to collaborative research, as industrial ecology is by definition a multidisciplinary research enterprise. Our program provides opportunity for student training, both graduate and undergraduate levels, for postdocs and visiting professors

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