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Topic Title: 2005 Sustainability Report
Topic Summary: Thirty-five steel companies worldwide have provided data on 11 sustainability indicators.
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Diana Grady

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IISI has published the global steel industry’s second sustainability report, Steel: The Foundation of a Sustainable Future, following a positive response to our first report in 2004. With this publication we continue to share with you the steel industry’s progress toward sustainable development by providing an overview of our financial, environmental and social performance. Thirty-five steel companies worldwide, including the world’s top ten steel producers in 2004, have volunatarily provided data on 11 sustainability indicators. Together these companies represent almost 40% of world crude steel production and generated US$213 billion in revenues in 2004. The Report provides a measurement of the steel industry’s economic, environmental and social performance. It also illustrates the importance of steel in providing sustainable solutions in the automotive, construction and renewable energy sectors. The Report also provides an overview of how the industry is meeting its biggest challenges to our customers, investors, employees, and society at large.

Source: "2005 Sustainability Report". International Iron and Steel Institute. 2006.
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