Pyrometallurgy Committee

Technical Programming

2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: 9th International Symposium on High Temperature Metallurgical Processing: Organized by Jiann-Yang Hwang; Tao Jiang; Mark Kennedy; Dean Gregurek; Shijie Wang; Baojun Zhao; Onuralp Y�cel; Ender Keskinkilic; Jerome Downey; Zhiwei Peng; Rafael Padilla

The organizers solicit papers from authors who are engaged in the analysis, development and/or operation of high temperature processes that involve the extraction and processing of material resources, production and treatment of metals, alloys and ceramic materials. Papers that describe innovative methods for achieving property enhancement, impurity segregation and removal, by-product recovery, waste minimization, energy efficiency, and utilization of complex ores are particularly welcome. Also of interest are papers on the various technical, economic, and environmental issues associated with commercial-scale high temperature processing methods.Best papers presented and published on the symposium proceeding will be selected and award certificate will be issued.

2018 TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition: Deriving Value from Challenging Waste Streams: Recycling and Sustainability Joint Session: Organized by Elsa Olivetti; John Howarter; Fiseha Tesfaye

For many products, there is a significant mismatch between the technical needs for responsible treatment of secondary and byproduct materials and the ability to achieve economically feasible operations. These feedstocks are generally low value and can be quite complex due to the significant variation in properties leading to potential mismatch among complexity, regulations and available resources. This symposium will provide a forum for papers exploring the valorization of secondary and byproduct feedstocks including for batteries, electronics, and other complex secondary materials as well as recycling technologies. Those papers providing perspective on both the technical as well as policy-based challenges are encouraged to submit.