Recycling and Environmental Technologies Committee

JOM Topics

The following topics appear in recent issues of JOM under the sponsorship of our committee.
Date: February
Organized By: Xiaofei Guan
Title: Toward Resources and Processes Sustainability
Date: August
Organized By: Mingming Zhang and John Howarter
Title: Manufacturing with Recycled Materials
Date: September 2017 (Paper Submission Deadline: April 1, 2017)
Organized By: Mingming Zhang, John A. Howarter, Xiaofei Guan, and Randolph Kirchain
Title: Deriving Value from Resource Recovery at Multiple Materials Scales
Date: September 2016
Organized By: Randy Kirchain
Title: Towards Materials Resource Sustainability
Date: November 2015
Organized By: Gabrielle Gaustad
Title: Recycling of Materials