Phase Transformations Committee

JOM Topics

The following topics appear in recent issues of JOM under the sponsorship of our committee.
Date: April 2018
Organized By: Sudarsanam Babu
Title: Liquid->Solid->Solid Phase Transformations: Characterization and Modeling
Date: March 2017 (Paper Submission Deadline: Passed)
Organized By: Mohsen Asle Zaeem, Suresh Babu, and Judith Schneider
Title: Processing-Microstructure-Property Relations in Additive Manufactured Materials
Date: January 2016
Organized By: Amy Clarke
Title: Phase Transformatins and Microstructural Evolution: Part II
Date: May 2016
Organized By: Matthias Militzer
Title: Phase Transformations of Materials 2015
Date: March 2016
Organized By: Mohsen Asle Zaeem and Amy Clarke
Title: Rapid Solidification and Phase Transformation in Additive Manufactured Materials