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2000 Aluminum Plenary Session: Overview
An Overview of the Aluminum Industry: How Technology and Customer Focus Are Driving Aluminum's Growth

Richard B. Evans

Editor's Note: During the 2000 TMS Annual Meeting, the TMS Light Metals Division broke with tradition by striking all of the Monday morning sessions from its traditional programming grid in favor of presenting an all-division plenary plenary session. The goal of this session was to provide insight into critical issues in modern aluminum processing technology and industrial development. In further striking from tradition, the proceedings from that symposium are not available in print format. Instead, they are archived here in Real Audio format. Just click on the play button to hear the speaker and watch as the overheads from the presentation automatically click by in the right frame. The session was organized and moderated by Ray Peterson of IMCO Recycling. More detail, and other papers from this symposium, may be experienced by visiting the August issue's table of contents.

In this paper, an overview and outlook of the global aluminum industry is presented, along with a focused look at aluminum's two largest markets, packaging and transportation. The recurrent theme is that technology must be developed and applied based on the needs of the marketplace; a close, interactive relationship between these areas must be (and has been) the driver of development.


Richard B. Evans is the executive vice president of Alcan Aluminum Limited and president of the Alcan Global Fabrication Group.

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