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The mission of JOM (ISSN 1047-4838) is to serve as a compelling membership and relevant science and engineering periodical that reflects the diversity and depth of the technical, professional, and organizational communities encompassed by the members of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).
Editorial Scope
The scope of JOM encompasses publicizing news about TMS and profiling its members and stakeholder communities while publishing meaningful peer-reviewed materials science and engineering content. In particular, that content includes groundbreaking laboratory discoveries, the effective transition of science into technology, innovative industrial and manufacturing developments, resource and supply chain issues, improvement and innovation in processing and fabrication, and life-cycle and sustainability practices. In fulfilling this scope, JOM strives to balance the interests of the laboratory and the marketplace by reporting academic, industrial, and government-sponsored work from around the world.
Review and Submission Process
JOM takes a unique approach in technical journal publishing by devoting each issue to a theme that is explored through the scholarship of two to three technical topics. These themes and topics are announced each year in the JOM Technical Emphasis Calendar, which is assembled in consultation with recognized leaders in materials science and engineering who volunteer their expertise on the JOM Advisory Committee. Prospective manuscripts submitted within a technical topic are reviewed by guest editors appointed by the TMS technical committee organizing that topic. For information on submitting a paper to JOM , please refer to the Author Tools section of this website or contact Maureen Byko, JOM editor.
Written for academic and industrial audiences alike, JOM is distributed to all members of TMS, as well as nonmember subscribers. More than 12,000 individuals on every inhabited continent receive the journal each month, with more than 3000 additional institutions and libraries having access to it. JOM articles are also archived from 1985 through the present on the Springerlink global online publishing platform, making them accessible to thousands more materials science and engineering practitioners. Readership consists of scientific, engineering, and management professionals and students from the manufacturing, processing, research, and academic sectors of the international materials community.
What Does JOM Mean?
From 1949 through 1988, the journal was named Journal of Metals. With materials systems becoming commonplace, and with the journal frequently covering composites, plastics, and other materials, a name change was clearly in order. A decision was made to institutionalize the shorthand version ( JOM ) instead of totally confusing the technical community by adopting a new name such as Journal of Materials, Journal of Engineered Materials, or other variation on a rather limited theme. The name of the journal is pronounced as three separate letters (J-O-M) rather than a single-syllable word ("JOM").

Disclaimer: The opinions and statements expressed in JOM are those of the authors only and are not necessarily those of TMS or the editorial staff. No confirmations or endorsements are intended or implied

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