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Select 7/11/2014Cost-Effective Approach Developed to Producing Nanoparticles
Select 7/8/2014Pitt and Alcoa Team to Develop Sustainably Produced Magnets
Select 7/1/2014Graphene Fiber Offers Versatility
Select 6/25/2014ORNL Launches Materials Imaging Institute
Select 6/20/2014South Dakota School of Mines Adds Petroleum Minor
Select 6/6/2014Using Nanotubes for Chemical Weapon Protection
Select 6/2/2014Active Learning Approaches Reduce Failure Rates in Undergraduate Engineering Courses
Select 5/26/2014New Process Fires Up Ultra-High-Temperature Ceramics Industry
Select 5/19/2014Funding Opportunity for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies
Select 5/15/2014NIST Awards Advanced Manufacturing Technology Planning Grants
Select 5/12/2014Surface Modification Generates Higher Solar Cell Efficiency
Select 5/8/2014Copper Coating Technology Mimics Nature’s “Lotus Effect”
Select 5/5/2014NIST Celebrates 100 Years of Metallurgy and Polymers
Select 5/1/2014Researchers Determine Real-World Limitations of Graphene
Select 4/28/2014Electrolyte Pulls “Double Duty” for Longer Lasting Batteries
Select 4/24/2014Making New Materials an Atomic Layer at a Time
Select 4/21/2014Ceramic Materials Present Option for Hydrogen Storage
Select 4/17/2014A Faster Way to Sort through BMG Alloys
Select 4/14/2014Livermore Lab Introduces New Additive Manufacturing Technique
Select 4/10/2014Electronic Materials that Melt Away
Select 4/7/2014Emirates Global Aluminum Formed
Select 4/3/20143D Nanoscale Changes in Rechargeable Battery Material Tracked During Operation
Select 3/29/2014Uncovering the Secrets of a Mollusk’s Bioceramic Armor
Select 3/21/2014NSF Center for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics Established

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