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New NSF Program Accepting Proposals for Material Processing and Performance

Posted on: 08/27/2013
Effective September 1, the Materials Engineering and Processing Program (MEP) of the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) will be accepting proposals that address engineering principles as they relate to material processing and performance. This program replaces NSF’s Materials Processing and Manufacturing (MPM), Materials and Surface Engineering (MSE), and Structural Mechanics and Materials (SMM) programs, which will no longer be accepting proposals.

The NSF Division of Civil, Mechanical, and Manufacturing Innovation in the Directorate for Engineering created the MEP program to support fundamental research addressing the interrelationship of materials processing, structure, properties, and/or life-cycle performance for targeted applications. Processing and performance of all material systems are of interest. These include polymers, metals, ceramics, semiconductors, composites, and hybrids. Materials in bulk form or research focused on special zones such as surfaces or interfaces that are to be used in structural and/or functional applications are also appropriate for this program. Analytical, experimental, and numerical studies are supported and collaborative proposals with industry are encouraged.

The MEP program was created to provide one core program in materials engineering for research proposal submission. It has been organized into three major thrust areas:
Functional Materials—Materials that possess native properties and functions that can be controlled by external stimuli such as temperature, light, electric field, pH, etc.
Structural Materials—Materials that, in service, bear mechanical load.
Materials Processing—Processes that convert material into useful form as either intermediate or final composition.

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