Creating the Next-Generation Materials Genome Initiative Workforce

Building a world-class materials science and engineering workforce proficient in the tools and techniques necessary to accelerate the discovery, development, and deployment of advanced materials is one of four goals presented in the 2014 strategic plan of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI). As we approach nearly a decade of progress since the initiative was first announced in 2011, this latest technical report from TMS builds on previous work and offers a series of action plans and recommendations that address the strategic plan’s goals for education and training initiatives, which are critical to achieving the MGI’s national objectives. The report also synthesizes the results of an in-depth examination of the required knowledge and skills for individuals entering or already in the workforce.

Led by a team of 16 internationally recognized experts, Creating the Next-Generation Materials Genome Initiative Workforce was organized by TMS on behalf of the U.S. National Science Foundation (DMR #1840716).

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Study Features

  • Reports on the current state of academic curriculum and training of the U.S. workforce to support the MGI.
  • Defines 10 key competency areas along with core and advanced/specialty areas of knowledge and skills, organizing them according to the initiative’s foundational pillars of data, computation, and experiment.
  • Captures and synthesizes recommendations of past MGI workshops, reports, and activities regarding education and workforce challenges and opportunities.
  • Presents seven detailed action plans that describe how individuals, groups, and organizations can drive near-term actions that will have long-term impact in building the materials innovation ecosystem.

Creating the Next-Generation Materials Genome Initiative Workforce serves as the latest in an ongoing series of influential technical reports published by TMS that leverages its convening power, as well as the breadth, depth, and engagement of its membership.

Resources for Sharing Study Content

  • Suggested Citation: The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), Creating the Next-Generation Materials Genome Initiative Workforce (Pittsburgh, PA: TMS, 2019). Electronic copies available at

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Materials Genome Initiative Testimonials

Meet the Study Team
David McDowell, Study Team Chair
Regents’ Professor and Carter N. Paden, Jr. Distinguished Chair in Metals Processing
Georgia Institute of Technology
View Bio
Kevin Anderson
Senior Technical Fellow
Brunswick Corporation
View Bio
Raymundo Arroyave
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University
View Bio
Mark Asta
Director, Materials Sciences Division
Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory
View Bio
Allison Beese
Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering
Penn State University
View Bio
Stefano Curtarolo
Director of the Center for Materials Genomics
Duke University
View Bio
Matt Earnest
Research Faculty and Director, Center for High Performance Manufacturing
Virginia Tech
View Bio
Will Joost
Principal Materials Engineer
Pratt & Whitney
View Bio
Aaron Gilad Kusne
Staff Scientist
National Institute of Standards and Technology
View Bio
Michele Manuel
Department Chair, Materials Science and Engineering
University of Florida
View Bio
Rampi Ramprasad
Michael E. Tennenbaum Family Chair and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar in the School of Materials Science & Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
View Bio
George Rodriguez
Associate Chemist & Data Scientist
ExxonMobil Chemical
View Bio
Xin Sun
Director, Energy and Transportation Science Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
View Bio
Katsuyo Thornton
L.H. and F.E. Van Vlack Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
View Bio
Cathy Tway
Technology Applications Director for Catalyst Technologies
Johnson Matthey
View Bio
Peter Voorhees
Frank C. Engelhart Professor of Materials Science
Northwestern University
View Bio