Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, being prepared to react effectively is the most critical step in ensuring the health and safety of yourself and those around you.

Know Your Surroundings

Please take a few moments to review the maps of the TMS2020 facilities available on pages 3-11 of the TMS2020 Conference Guide and on the “TMS 2020 Annual Meeting” App. When you enter these buildings, familiarize yourself with the exits and the stairs leading to those exits. When you arrive at your session or event location, look for the emergency exits that are in proximity to you.

San Diego Convention Center

How to Report an Emergency

If you have an emergency at any time during move in, event, or move out please contact the San Diego Convention Center Corporation’s (SDCCC) Security Services Department by dialing ext. 5911 from any of the wall-mounted house phones located throughout the facility or by calling 619-525-5911 from a cell phone. SDCCC Security is staffed seven days a week, twenty-four hours per day, 365 days per year (holidays included).


Should an alarm and/or strobe become activated, it will be followed by a P.A. (Public Address) delivered through the SDCCC Security Services Department. This P.A. announcement will inform you that the situation is being investigated. Example “Please remain calm, stay where you are, and wait for instructions.” A second P.A. will give you updated information. It will either be an “All Clear” announcement or “Evacuation” instructions. The announcement will be repeated until it is confirmed by the Emergency Response Team that the situation is all clear or the evacuation has commenced. The SDCC Fire Safety System is divided into specific building areas. Therefore it is possible that you may hear a P.A. announcement without hearing an alarm or seeing strobes. Unless you feel there is an immediate threat and that you should evacuate, please follow the instructions given by the P.A. announcement.

Emergency Evacuations

If told to evacuate, exit the building and proceed to a designated assembly point and remain outside until instructed to re-enter. The SDCC staff will provide evacuation assistance to guests with disabilities.

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

How To Report an Emergency

From any house phone, dial extension 53 for the hotel emergency team. For hotel security, dial extension 6100 or 619-230-8911.


If an alarm is activated, follow the announcement from the public address system instructing you what action should be taken.

Emergency Evacuations

In the case of an emergency evacuation, follow the instructions of the hotel staff and proceed to the nearest emergency exit/stairwell. Follow the evacuation route out of the building to a designated assembly area. At the assembly area, please inform a hotel staff member of your room number and whether you require medical attention. Guests with disabilities should dial extension 53 from any house phone if they need assistance. At check-in, inform the front office host if you will need assistance evacuating so that the hotel can keep record of it.