Organizer Tools

Thank you for organizing a symposium for the TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. This page contains tools that can assist you in inviting papers for your symposium and in generating interest among your peers.

Tip Sheet

Learn from the wisdom of our veteran organizers on the TMS Programming Committee. Browse this tip sheet for suggestions on how to ensure a successful symposium at TMS2020.

Speaker Invitation Letter

Customize this letter, copy and paste the text into an e-mail, and send it to presenters you wish to invite to participate in your symposium.

Symposium Flyer

A flyer advertising the details of your specific symposium is available for download on the TMS2020 Technical Programming web page. You can attach (or link) this PDF to the invitation letter that you send to potential presenters or print the flyer and distribute by hand to generate interest in your symposium.

Social Media Posts

If you’re active on social media, we’ve supplied some sample messages for you to post through your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts. Also included are instructions for making sure that your messages reach as many people as possible. You can download or copy the image below to accompany your social media posts, as well.


E-Mail Signature Artwork

Attach the following signature to outgoing e-mail messages to invite colleagues to check out your symposium at TMS2020. You may copy or download the image below to place in your e-mail signature.