2020 Light Metals Keynote Session:
Attracting and Growing the Next Generation of Technical Talent for the Light Metals Industry

Monday, February 24, 2020
8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
San Diego Convention Center, Room 6D
Sponsored by:
TMS Light Metals Division; TMS Aluminum Committee
Corleen Chesonis, Metal Quality Solutions, LLC

Five invited presenters from industry and academia will discuss challenges and solutions for attracting and growing the next generation of technical talent for the light metals industry. Perspectives will be offered from New Zealand, Norway, Canada, and the United States. The session will conclude with a panel discussion featuring the participating speakers.

Learn about additional light metals programming planned at TMS2020 on the Technical Program web page.

Featured Speakers

Margaret Hyland, Vice Provost Research, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Presentation Title: "Feeding the Talent Pipeline: A New Zealand Perspective on Diversity in STEM"

Alan A. Luo, The Ohio State University, USA
Presentation Title: "The Future of Light Metals Technology and Education: Opportunities and Challenges"

Robert B. Wagstaff, Oculatus Inc., USA
Presentation Title: "Strong Leaders, Strong Companies: A Structure to Create Your Future"

Nina Dahl, SINTEF Industry, Norway
Presentation Title: "The Norwegian Perspective"

Joe H. Lombard, Hatch, Canada
Presentation Title: "Talent Acquisition and Development from a Hatch Perspective"

Additional Light Metals Programming at TMS2020

TMS2020 will feature the following symposia, held throughout the week, as part of its Light Metals technical track:

View the TMS2020 Technical Program web page for more detail on programming plans at the conference.

In addition, registrants will receive electronic access to the Light Metals 2020 and Magnesium Technology 2020 proceedings volumes, along with nine additional conference proceedings, as part of their meeting registration fee.

View Presentations from 2019 Light Metals Keynote Session

Last year’s keynote session focused on the topic Aluminum Industry: Vision for the Next Decade, and slide presentations are now available to view in PDF format through the TMS2019 website. View presentations from the 2019 Light Metals Keynote Session.