Magnesium Technology 2020 Keynote Session

Monday, February 24, 2020
8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
San Diego Convention Center, Room 6C
Sponsored by:
TMS Light Metals Division, TMS Magnesium Committee
J. Brian Jordon, University of Alabama; Victoria Miller, University of Florida; Vineet Joshi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Neale Neelameggham, IND LLC

The Magnesium Technology 2020 symposium at the TMS 2020 Annual Meeting & Exhibition will open with a session of invited presentations on Monday morning. Following the keynote, related sessions will be held throughout the week as part of the Magnesium Technology symposium, one of the largest annual gatherings of magnesium specialists in the world. Learn more about the Magnesium Technology 2020 symposium.

Featured Speakers

Carlos Tome, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA 
Presentation Title: "Twin Transmission Across Grain Boundaries in Magnesium"

Rajiv Mishra, University of North Texas, USA
Presentation Title: "Hierarchically Structured Ultrafine Grained Magnesium Alloys"

Mark Horstemeyer, Liberty University, USA
Presentation Title: "MultiStage Fatigue (MSF) Modeling of Magnesium in a Corrosion Environment"

Bin Jiang, Chongqing University, China 
Presentation Title: "Novel Texture Controlling of Mg Alloys"