Lead-Free Solder and Interconnect Workshop

Lead-Free Solder and Interconnect Workshop

Lead-Free Solder and Interconnect Workshop

Date: Sunday, March 19, 2023
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

This annual Lead-Free Solders and Interconnect Technology Workshop provides the latest development and research studies on interconnect materials and electronic packaging technologies. Due to the miniaturization and multi-functional trends for electronic packages, the key materials used in different levels of packaging have dramatically changed or experienced severe service conditions. Three-dimensional (3D) and 2.5D interposer-related technology show a fast trend in the industry looking for more fundamental mechanisms to be explored. In addition to the 3D technology in multi-stacking packages and interconnects, new methodologies like additive manufacturing with embedded interconnects are new areas for further research and development. But with these introductions of new technologies, researchers in this field have agreed that fundamental studies are needed to go further, from a materials perspective, to improve the service capability of the new materials and assemblies. This workshop will both introduce new technology trends and address deep-dive discussion topics for industry and academia.

This workshop will address current R&D in packaging materials and processes, including lead-free solders, alternative interconnects, conductive adhesives, epoxy, substrates, 3D packaging, wafer level packaging, quality, reliability, and failure analysis.

Topics to be covered may include:

  • Packaging materials and processes for next-generation packages, e.g., 3D packaging, wafer-level packaging, photonic packaging, Internet of Things, flexible electronics, wire bonding, automotive, and power electronics.
  • Interconnects for packages, e.g., lead-free solder, micro bumps, through-silicon-vias, direct copper to copper bonding, wire bonding, conductive adhesive, optoelectronic interconnects, transient liquid phase bonding, sintered nano-powder joints, polymer core solder balls and alternative interconnect materials at chip and package levels.
  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing for electronics industry
  • Other packaging materials e.g., epoxy, molding compounds, epoxy flux, thermal interface material (TIM), substrate materials and process.
  • Quality, reliability, and failure analysis for next generation packages.
  • Continuing challenges in implementing lead-free solders for interconnect, plating and TIM applications
  • Developments in high-temperature lead-free solders and associated interconnects for automotive and power electronics
  • Developments in low-temperature lead-free solder alloys and fine pitch solder joints
  • Electromigration, thermomigration, stress-migration and mechanical effects
  • Whisker growth in tin, tin-based alloys, and other metallic systems
  • Advanced characterization methods as applied to interconnect technology
  • Fundamental materials behavior including phase transformations, computational thermodynamics, solidification, microstructure evolution, corrosion, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of solders and intermetallic compounds


Tae-Kyu Lee, Cisco
Albert Wu, National Central University
Nilesh Badwe, IIT Kanpur
Kazuhiro Nogita, University of Queensland

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