Material Matters

Materials Matters was an occasional column on legal topics of interest to the minerals, metals, and materials communities, which was published  exclusively on the TMS website from 2000 to 2007 as an online supplement to JOM. It is no longer a feature of JOM, but the past articles are presented below for archival interest.

August 2007 (volume 59, number 8)
"U.S. Supreme Court Decision Makes it Easier to Challenge Patent Validity on the Basis of Obviousness" by Arnold B. Silverman

May 2007 (volume 59, number 4)
"The Impact of Statutory Broadening of the Scope of Patent Rights" by Arnold B. Silverman

April 2007 (volume 59, number 4)
"U.S. Supreme Court Makes It Easier for Patent Licensee to Have Its Cake and Eat It Too" by Arnold B. Silverman

January 2007 (volume 59, number 1)
"United States Supreme Court Rules that Permanent Injunctions are Not Automatic in Patent Cases" by Arnold B. Silverman

May 2006 (volume 58, number 5)
"The Role of Protective Orders in Intellectual Property Litigation" by Arnold B. Silverman

April 2006 (volume 58, number 4)
"Watch What You Say—Appellate Court Clarifies Standards for Interpreting Technical Patent Claim Language" by Arnold B. Silverman

February 2006 (volume 58, number 2)
"Court Rules on Patentability Standards for Composition Ranges" by Arnold B. Silverman

January 2006 (volume 58, number 1)
"The Uniform Trade Secrets Act" by David V. Radack

October 2005 (volume 57, number 10)
"How to Customize and Maximize Federal Trademark Protection" by A.B. Silverman

September 2005 (volume 57, number 9)
"Understanding the Benefits Obtainable from "Related" United States PAtent Applications" by A.B. Silverman

August 2005 (volume 57, number 8)
"Who Owns the Copyright in an Aritcle or Other Contribution to a Collective Work?" by A.B. Silverman

November 2004 (volume 56, number 11)
"Forfeiture of Legal Rights Through Delay in Assertion" by A.B. Silverman

June 2004 (volume 56, number 6)
"Understanding "Related" U.S.Patent Applications" by David V. Radack

April 2004 (volume 56, number 4)
"Is a Patent a Monopoly?—Antitrust Considerations" by A.B. Silverman

March 2004 (volume 56, number 3)
"The Importance of Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions" by A.B. Silverman

December 2003 (volume 55, number 12)
"United States Patent and Trademark Office Interviews—Kill or Cure?" by A.B. Silverman

October 2003 (volume 55, number 10)
"Duty to Disclose Prior Art to the United States Patent and Trademark Office" by A.B. Silverman

September 2003 (volume 55, number 9)
"How to Handle Cease-and-Desist Letters" by David V. Radack

July 2003 (volume 55, number 7)
"Searching Trademarks—Let the Searcher Beware" by David V. Radack

June 2003 (volume 55, number 6)
"Complying with the Statutory Written Description Requirement in a U.S. Utility Patent Application" by Arnold B. Silverman

February 2003 (volume 55, number 2)
"Understanding U.S. Patent File Histories" by David V. Radack

January 2003 (volume 55, number 1)
"Understanding University Patent Policies" by Arnold B. Silverman

December 2002 (volume 54, number 12)
"Likelihood of Confusion—The Basis for Trademark Infringement" by David V. Radack

September 2002 (volume 54, number 9)
"Minimizing Copyright Problems in Website Activities" by Arnold B. Silverman

August 2002 (volume 54, number 8)
"The Doctrine of Equivalents Lives — U.S. Supreme Court Reverses Federal Court" by Arnold B. Silverman

May 2002 (volume 54, number 5)
"I'll See You in Court—Overview of a Patent Infringement Trial" by Arnold B. Silverman

March 2002 (volume 54, number 3)
"Using the United States Patent Office Website as a Research Resource" by David V. Radack

November 2001 (volume 53, number 11)
"Employee Exit Interviews—An Important But Frequently Overlooked Procedure" by Arnold B. Silverman

September 2001 (volume 53, number 9)
"Can Publishing Your U.S. Patent Application Reveal Confidential Information?" by Arnold B. Silverman

August 2001 (volume 53, number 8)
"If it Appreciates, Buy It. If It Depreciated, Lease It." by Karen Pomazal

April 2001 (volume 53, number 4)
"Claim Interpretation—Do Not be Misled by a "Means for" Recital" by A.B. Silverman

February 2001 (volume 53, number 2)
"Claim Interpretation Under the Doctrine of Claim Differentiation" by A.B. Silverman

December 2000 (volume 52, number 12)
"Software Patents for Methods of Doing Business-A Second Class Citizen No More" by A.B. Silverman

October 2000 (volume 52, number 10)
"Loss of Patent Rights-Inventions That Are Disclosed But Not Claimed" by D.V. Radack

August 2000 (volume 52, number 8)
"The Importance of an Intellectual Property Audit" by Arnold B. Silverman

April 2000 (volume 52, number 4)
"Patenting Materials-Related Inventions" by A.G. Towner

February 2000 (volume 52, number 2)
"Proceed with Caution with U.S. Provisional Patent Applications" by A.B. Silverman